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INTA 2017: Axkati’s Guide to Barcelona (Part I)

Dear friends,

This year’s INTA in Barcelona is around the corner, and we at Axkati are excited about it since it will be a new opportunity to meet with clients, long-time friends and new acquaintances from around the globe.

We intend to make the most of it and have asked Axkati collaborator Ana Nomen, from Barcelona, to share some insider tips to make the most of our visit in this Axkati's Guide to Barcelona.

In this first installment, Ana invites us to stay for some more days and proposes lesser known but greatly exciting routes for you to recover from the hustle and bustle of INTA.

Axkati Team

Be Inspired by Dalí’s Trail

Where: Figueres, Cadaqués and Portlligat

What: Prolific surrealist artist Salvador Dalí was born and died in Figueres, where he supervised the building of his Theatre and Museum; the result of Dalí’s rich and off-beat imagination. Other main sights in Figueres include the church of Sant Pere (where Dalí had his baptism, first communion, and funeral), the San Ferran Castle, or the Catalan Museum of Playtoys (Museu del Joguet).

You may then head to Cadaqués and stay for one, or even better, two nights. Cadaqués is considered by many as Catalonia’s most beautiful sea-side town, but most of all it is a unique and brave fishing town touched by the tramontane wind which enamored artists like Dalí, Picasso, Duchamp, Miró or Gabriel García Márquez. If you still feel like moving around, give a morning to Dalí’s Museum-House in nearby Portlligat.

How to get there: Since Cadaqués is a secluded bay town it is easier to reach by car. If you only wish to visit Figueres, you may take the train.

Photo by Cpcmollet on

Andorra: Discover a Paradise in the Pyrenees

Where: The tiny principality of Andorra

FUN FACT: Andorra created the first digitalized Trademark Office, and takes pride in being the fastest country in issuing trademark registrations!

What: Better known for its winter activities, Andorra during springtime is quite magical – awake your senses with the blooming flowers, melting lakes, the buzz of nature coming to life after hibernation, the soothing sun and fresh breeze. 90% of Andorra’s territory is pure nature, and you will find an endless variety of outdoor activities at all of its mountain resorts.

Once you’ve filled your lungs with fresh air, enjoy Andorra’s duty-free status and go on a shopping spree. Do not miss Baustore for great design, Viladomat or Intersport for sporting clothes and equipment, Gala or Julia for perfumes and beauty products, any Andorran pharmacy for great finds in French pharmacy products, Polyanna for cool baby and children clothing, or any of Andorra’s tech stores. Stroll down Meritxell and Carlemany avenues and their surroundings, there is nothing you will not find! You should also set some time to discover

Andorra’s rich Romanesque architectonic heritage and thermal spas.

How to get there: By car, bus, or private taxi shuttle.

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Follow the Romans’ Steps in Tarraco

Where: Tarragona and the Delta de l’Ebre

What: Head for Tarragona to discover its rich historic background and standing monuments. One of the most prominent Roman cities in the Iberian peninsula, Tarragona is not to be missed if you want to wander through the rich Spanish history in one day. Also, you might be able to catch the Tarraco Viva festival, which recreates Roman times throughout the historical monuments of the city!

Then plan a one or two night stay at the Delta de l’Ebre, named a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and Spain’s second largest wetland. The Delta is the calmest and more solitary hideouts in the Catalan seaside, which is ideal for disconnecting from the stress and frenzy of INTA. Birdspotting, cicling, kite-surfing or sailing, you will surely come accross flamingos feeding on the calm shores of the Delta and other local birds flying out from the rice fields at your passage.

How to get there: By train or by car. Move around the Delta de l’Ebre area by car and rent a bike to enjoy its calming landscape of rice fields and deserted beaches.

Photo by Jordi Gil Ferrer for National Geographic

Barcelona is such a great starting point for discovering so many stunning places, I must admit it has been incredibly hard to narrow down the possibilities to the three routes I propose here. I hope you have the possibility to give one of them a try and enjoy it!

See you soon at INTA,

Ana Nomen


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