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Intangible assets are key for any established or start-up company striving in today's marketplace. Our aim at Axkati is to protect and optimize the value of our clients' intellectual property assets.

Our team of knowledgeable attorneys offers full service 

relating to all aspects of intellectual property law. From the acquisition of rights to their exploitation and protection, we seek to provide strategic legal counseling that harmonizes with our clients' business objectives. And when necessary, our litigators will efficiently represent our clients with the purpose of enforcing and defending their assets without compromising on cost-effectiveness.


We have a wealth of experience advising multinational corporations doing business in Mexico, as well as Mexican corporations and individuals with interests locally and worldwide. For this reason, our prosecution team has created a network of long-term relationships with foreign correspondents that allows us to effectively handle international IP portfolio strategies.  


  • Clearance searches

  • Patentability and freedom to operate searches

  • Registration and maintenance of IP rights in Mexico and internationally: 




Trade names and slogans

Industrial designs and utility models 


  • Opposition proceedings

  • Watch service

  • Obtaining declarations of protection of well-known and famous trademarks



  • Strategic IP portfolio planning, management and value optimization

  • Counsel on brand creation and exploitation

  • Patentability strategies

  • Intellectual Property rights in the Digital Age

  • Licensing and assignments

  • Franchising

  • Unfair competition

  • Anti-counterfeiting strategic advice and recordation of trademarks with Mexican Customs

  • Protection of trade secrets and know how

  • Due diligence investigations

  • In-house courses and training



  • Negotiation for the amicable settlement of disputes

  • Administrative proceedings

  • Cancellation and nulity actions, and appeals

  • Judicial litigation

  • Constitutional actions (amparos) at the Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Enforcement of judicial decisions

  • Search warrants and seizure of counterfeited goods

  • Domain name disputes


All individuals have the fundamental rights to privacy and information self-determination in Mexico. The lawful processing of personal data of clients, partners, suppliers and employees not only keeps companies safe from claims or fines, but also contributes in increasing the trust of the public and in improving their competitiveness. 

At Axkati, we advise our clients in incorporating the good practices that will ensure the lawful, controlled and informed processing of the personal data they gather while being able to proceed with their every day business operations. 


  • Mapping of the information which is processed within a company

  • Strategic design of the necessary safety measures, retention periods, cancellation, and deletion mechanisms or blockage period

  • Drafting and implementation of

Privacy notices

Privacy policies

Security documents

Codes of conduct and good practice

Contracts and clauses for the communication of personal data

  • Development of information flowcharts

  • Consent management for the processing and transfer of personal data

  • Appointment of the Department or Data Protection Person within a company

  • In-house training


  • Advice on national and international data transfers

  • Legal assistance in responding to requests filed by data subjects

  • Due diligences and audits



  • Legal support responding to authority requirements 

  • Administrative proceedings

  • Judicial litigation


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of Mexican laws and regulations, our clients will be able to fully understand their legal responsibilities, manage risks, and minimize the impact of complex public regulations in their everyday businesses. 


  • Consultancy on the compliance of Mexican administrative laws, regulations and standards at the federal, state and municipal levels

  • Revision of public tender requirements and counseling on public tender applications

  • Legal support in obtaining public autorizations, licenses and permits


  • Preparation and filing of constitutional appeals (amparos)

  • Declarations of invalidity

  • Administrative appeals

  • Pleadings for the timely follow-up of proceedings 

In the corporate practice of Axkati Legal, we are dedicated to advising companies on their legal responsibilities and obligations in their commercial operations. The general practice of any company involves dealing with a wide range of legal issues, from its constitution through the day-to-day business transactions, to which our attorneys will give knowledgeable and pragmatic solutions.

  • Legal support on corporate law matters

  • Drafting, negotiation and revision of contracts

  • Legal advice on foreign investment matters

  • Real estate law consultancy



Health matters in Mexico are heavily regulated by a myriad of laws, regulations and official standards. At Axkati our team of knowledgeable attorneys efficiently represent clients in the pharmaceutical, food, care and beauty, chemical and pesticides industries. We provide advice on the application of Mexican health law to allow our clients to carry out seamlessly the distribution, marketing and importation of their products in Mexico.


  • Obtention of advertising permits

  • Review of advertising campaigns

  • Legal support for complying with advertising legal restrictions


  • Review of labeling materials

  • Legal support regarding the latest modifications to NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010 and frontal labeling


  • Legal support for obtaining import permits

  • Legal support regarding tariff items in Mexico

  • Handling of Certificates before the Mexican Commercial Information Verification Units (Unidades de Verificación de Información Comercial)


  • Legal support for obtaining health approvals before the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Health Risks (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, “Cofepris”), as well as other necessary licenses, notices, and renovations. 

  • Legal advice on proprietary and off-patent drugs, including interchangeability tests.  


  • In-house auditing to assess compliance with Mexican Official Norms (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) in health matters

  • Inspection of factories, warehouses and premises to assess compliance with Mexican Official Norms

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